For Hire

We are available for hire for the following services:

  • Custom Furniture
  • Residential Interior Design and Fixtures
  • Retail Store Design, Branding & Merchandising
  • Office Design & Branding
  • Restaurant Design, Fixtures and Furniture
  • Reclaimed Timber Supply
  • Vintage Industrial Sourcing


As an example of our method, lets examine "the Hercules table". The reclaimed Douglas Fir slabs are built using local timbers. We source generally 60-100 year old houses that are being torn down for newer builds. Through our contacts with demolition business on the island we stock a curated supply of architectural grade timbers. This ensures a couple things down the line on the build, really nice stable wood that is perfectly dried and has released much of the tension trapped in the board after being milled all those years ago. This helps prevent a lot of the headaches downstream with warping or twisting that can often happen with newer woods, sometimes even if they are kiln dried.

We take the raw timbers and joint, laminate, thickness sand the slab flat - bottom and top, shape the edges and make the slab sing. Afer some considerable finish sanding we go into final finishing. The finish we use is a high-end Saicos oil-wax. It produces a beautiful earthy finish, unlike lacquer it doesn’t look overly glossy or plasticy, it can be repaired with more oil wax as time goes on to fix rings or scratches and is additionally non-toxic. This process takes a few different twists and turns depending on the wood sourced, the desired texture and whether or not we are introducing colour profiles. We generally like to avoid using conventional alcohol stains as they can look less than natural so we’ve developed an custom oxidization technique where we effectively weather the slab, introducing tannins into the wood and using metal dust and a vinegar solution we can carbon the wood for a very beautiful colour, either lightly or very deeply. When we do use alcohol stains we use them very diluted and this goes a long way achieving a level of toning but not overly ‘painting’ the timbers. Naturally Douglas Fir can have a blond, amber look to it when finished which is also stunning on its own.

When bringing some drama into the slab we use a colour oil as opposed to a traditional stain and that goes a long way to making a really nice authentic slab. Above and beyond that standard slab work we also can take on really gnarly wood and use a series of epoxy treatments to fill the imperfections and make a beautifully flat slab that has that rough character preserved but is smooth to the touch.

The most important thing to us is listening to our clients and with there guidance and the tools and skills at our disposal, we deliver quality woodworking craftsmenship, thats a promise.

Hercules Table, 4x2 with single uprights. Oxidized finish on reclaimed douglas fir.

Salmon coloured Douglas Fir. Black striations from the natural colour that remained once we thickness sanded the rough sawn texture off.

This is the topside of the salmon coloured slab. We did some extensive work on this slab, kissed it with the big thickness sander then went in by hand and smoothed all the rough parts. This gave us a smooth to the touch slab while still having texture. All knots and imperfections were black epoxied.

The top to a kitchen island we build with reclaimed Douglas Fir. Very nice face grain, with a diluted golden oak alcohol stain used.

The results of blending oxidization and colour oils to produce slabs with layered colour profiles that have dramatic depth. 8x4 slab with pipe base.

Another simple oxidization

Very nice big boards salvaged locally that were extremely rough. Notice the worm hole and knots with epoxy work. Again the high end casters and type of project made these guys a unique challenge.

Patina’d metal base with live edge reclaimed Doulgas Fir finished in light golden oak.



an uncoloured blond slab of Douglas Fir.

These are just some of the reclaimed slabs we've made recently, check our social media feeds more some of the other hardwood projects and styles we build.